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Dynamite Copywriter.

Let me introduce you to Scott Murdaugh. Sharp guy. Fine copywriter. You guys should talk. 

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers



“Scott helped my launch to be a HUGE success – and I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone Else.”

Kevin Rogers

Andy Fletcher


Scott's One Of The Smartest People I've Ever Talked To When It Comes To Marketing..

Kevin Rogers

Issamar Ginzburg

Inc Magazine Entreprenuer Of The Year



"An Unheard Of $30 EPC's"

$197/Month Product Converted At Over 18% With An Unheard Of $30 EPC - Scott Accomplishes Things That Where Previously Impossible. It's Insane. 


Koen Berkenbosch 


This is the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the last 13-years launching blockbuster promotions in the world’s most hyper-competitive, cut-throat niches …

And It May Be The Only Competitive Advantage That You Have Left…


I've Had More Sales In The Last 10-Days Than The Last 3-Months...

Hi Scott. I just wanted to thank you for your services I was very scared to hire someone to do copy for my product.

First things first, nothing has
reassured more than the fact
that I have had more sales in
the last 10 days than I had in
the last 3 months. The 
conversions are GREAT!

I believe the only reason this is
working so well is because of
the time and energy you spent 
learning my product. The
 service you provide is truly 

Ken Fry

Ken Fry
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